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Stolen at Straits Clan


The atelier is the beating heart of any brand, where ideas come to life and magic happens. For Stolen, it is also a space for engaging directly with our customers and understanding their needs, via our private atelier sessions.

We’re pleased to announce that from mid-March 2018, Stolen will be relocating from picturesque Tiong Bahru to Straits Clan, on history-steeped Bukit Pasoh Road.

Straits Clan, housed in the former New Majestic Hotel, is a new, closed-door members’ club that nods to Bukit Pasoh’s reputation as Singapore’s “Street of Clans”: organisations which, during their 20th century peak, served as meeting points for locals and immigrants alike. At these associations, friends were made, ideas were exchanged, and deals were sealed, and it is this old-fashioned spirit of collaboration which forms the core of Straits Clan’s mission statement.

Across four floors of restaurants, entertainment rooms, and co-working areas, Straits Clan’s creative, entrepreneurial members will have the opportunity to connect and join forces with kindred spirits, as well as participate in workshops, talks and tastings.

As a brand which is constantly seeking out collaborators in different creative industries, from sculptors to furniture designers and architects, Stolen is proud to be part of Straits Clan’s pioneering first chapter. Expect 2018 to bring new, exciting partnerships, as well as our long-awaited Spring 2019 fashion presentation.

You can be a part of the action too! By booking an atelier appointment with us, you’ll not only get to take in all of Straits Clan’s stunning, Art Deco-inspired interiors. You’ll also be among the first-ever clients to peek behind the seams of Stolen, and witness collections come together in our beautiful, spacious new work studio.

For the ultimate Stolen experience, book a private atelier session with us now!