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Till The Next Sunrise

Sunrise is a phenomenal yet short-lived beauty. Often overlooked, this daily miracle holds the power to renew and restart every day.

Like the first rays of light breaking through a darkened sky signalling the dawn, this collection is an expression of the beauty found in everyday miracles.

A palette that fluctuates from the darkest black of night to blinding white symbolises the renewal that each day brings – the freedom in starting afresh.

Hues of grey reflect a transitioning sky, while instances of bright orange echo the bold energetic first rays of the Sun.

Clean lines and draping showcase the grace of natural beauty, and austere constructions represent the vigour of the contemporary spirit.

Till The Next Sunrise celebrates the miracles that we sometimes fail to see – the miracles within us, the prospect of renewal, emerging from night into day, and the moments of beauty that exist just for a precious instant.


Aida Top

Alea Dress

Celia Top

Celine Dress

Chris Top

Devi Bralet + Heather Skirt

Ellen Dress

Illis Top + Larah Skirt

Kelly Jumpsuit

Kim Dress

Linda Bralet + Brit Belt

Naomi Top + Bess Belt

Trish Jumpsuit

Val Bralet + Betina Belt

Veron Top + Larah Skirt

Via Jumpsuit