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Concur. A word that stems from Latin concurrere
– to run-together, meet, be in agreement; at the same time, currere means to run away from.

The dynamic nature of conflict – synchronised into a single word – denotes the conceptual spark behind the STOLEN collection. It is one where differences collide and converge.

In every human, every decision, every action, there is a dichotomy between seemingly conflicting forces. As Designer Elyn Wong puts it, “every creation is a result of confliction to a certain extent. Even STOLEN’s creative journey to achieving simplicity is one that’s highly complex.”

Simple and complex. Fragile and resilient. Masculine and feminine.

This collection celebrates confliction – as it is indeed this fascinating coexistence of contrasts that makes us who we are.


Aigner Dress

Amy Top + Devi Bralet

Cher Top

Diane Top

Dion Dress

Eliza Skirt

Grace Top

Jean Jacket

Heather Dress

Inese Top

Ivy Dress

Jas Top

Jelyn Top

June Pants

Lea Top + June Pants

Mylene Top + June Pants

Nila Dress

Nina Top + June Pants

Olivia Top

Penny Top

Rie Dress

Sass Top

Simone Skirt

Tina Dress