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Straits Clan Social Impact Sessions: Stolen's Founder Initiates Panel Discussion

In collaboration with Straits Clan, Stolen's founder and designer Elyn Wong moderated a panel discussion that revolved around generating authentic social impact within the fashion industry. Disheartened by the misconstrued missions of most fashion brands that commit themselves to social causes, Elyn wanted to explore what it truly meant to be a "socially impactful" fashion label.

Joined by four ethical fashion champions who have each redefined the notion of social impact beyond conventional norms, the panel addressed how they've employed fashion as a means for empowerment, especially within vulnerable communities. Alongside their insider stories, the session also covered what truly matters as a social enterprise and the importance of listening with respect. It closed with detailing the ways any sincere social enterprise can affect real change.

We invite you to find out more about the panellists and the magnitude of help and support they've extended to the communities, below:

Will and Well

Elisa is the founder of Will & Well, a Singapore owned inclusive fashion label. Combining design thinking and technology, the brand aims to change the lives of individuals living with disabilities by improving garment functionality, fashionably.

Pippa Small

Pippa Small is the founder of her humanitarian award-winning, eponymous jewellery label based in London. Through her work with communities in Afghanistan, Jordan and Myanmar, the brand has generated avenues for employment and empowerment through traditional artisanal crafts and techniques.

SEP Jordan

Roberta Ventura is the founder of Social Enterprise Project (SEP) Jordan. The first Jordanian private company to set up in the Jerash "Gaza" camp in Jordan in 2013, the company aims to provide professional, personal and economic stability for refugees by creating luxurious hand-embroidered accessories.

1001 Stories

Shahrzad Moaven is the founder of 1001 Stories, a women's footwear label. The brand aims to empower marginalised communities and enable financial independence by using handmade crafting techniques passed on through generations.