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Stolen Around The World

Stolen Perspectives documents the lives of Stolen women around the world, friends made through chance encounters and the magic of instant chemistry. From the portraits, notes and even drawings of our travels, we hope to celebrate the diversity of their stories, and to better understand the universal truths binding us across cultures.



Ten women from all corners of the globe, gathered in The City of Lights, for the biggest event on the global fashion calendar. This is the first instalment of Stolen Perspectives.


New York

For our inaugural trip to the Big Apple, we didn’t shy away from playing the tourist. Here, photographs of six striking women — taken at the metropolis’ most iconic locations — and the reasons they fell in love with New York.



Stolen fell hard for the culinary delights and friendly warmth of Guangzhou, a dynamic and inviting city where women’s passion for life is reflected in their passion for food, not entirely unlike our homeland.


New York Part II

We got intimate with the second New York edition of Stolen Perspectives, exploring the homes, everyday lives and secrets of the mythical NYC woman.



The charming streets of Old Shanghai proved the perfect backdrop for our portraits of the city’s Modern Girls, a timely snapshot of China old and new.



Steeped in ancient culture and blessed with natural beauty, the city of Hangzhou is also known for the beauty of its daughters, possibly the most elegant canvases ever for our pieces.



A city as colossal as Beijing demands a personality to match, of the woman seeking to conquer it. We chatted to our Beijing girls about passion, ambition and finding joy.