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Stolen In South Korea

#SGFASHIONNOW showcases experimental contemporary fashion in Singapore and constantly explores the topic of what Singapore Fashion is. It is presented by Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM) in collaboration with Lasalle College of the Art’s School of Fashion and the Singapore Fashion Council (SFC).

This year with the collaboration expanding to South Korea and made possible by the Korea Foundation with the KF ASEAN Culture House, it makes our involvement even more precious and purposeful. This is the 3rd and largest iteration since it’s inception in 2021, showcasing 27 Singapore Designers. And the very first time it has travelled beyond our shores, exhibiting in Busan.

A Meaningful Presentation

Stolen is very honoured to be working with Asian Civilisation Museum ( ACM ) for the first time for such a meaningful presentation. And we stand tall and proud alongside the veteran Singapore brands like Thomas Wee, Lai Chan, Andrew Gn, Time Taken To Make A Dress and many others that we admire and respect.

Our Gratitude

As well as a big salute to the real heroes in putting majority of this show together - the committed and passionate team at Lasalle College of the Arts and the super curatorial team at ACM. Braving the typhoon but making it look effortless. Really grateful for your professionalism and hardwork. Thank you and congratulations on showing Singapore to the world.


Runway Singapore #SGFASHIONNOW in Busan features a 3 part showcase:- Craftsmanship/ Innovation and Tradition/ Urbanite. 2023’s snapshot celebrates contemporary fashion in Singapore through the lens of its multicultural, cosmopolitan port city heritage And Stolen has our signature Simone dress on display under Urbanite, celebrating our minimalistic and architectural aesthetics, in full contrast amidst the couture pieces, intricate traditional handicraft and elaborate experimental 3D creations. A truly comprehensive representation of Singapore’s diversity in our fashion industry.

The Runway Singapore showcase 10th August - 29th October KF ASEAN Culture House Busan, Korea

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