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MING - the Spring/ Summer 2016 collection

A glorious dynasty of poetry and artistry. A village treasure preserved by time.

Nestled within a jagged mountain landscape and plush greenery lies a window into an ancient past. Humble stone buildings, ancient courtyards, centuries-old woodwork and fading paintings capture glimpses of China’s historical Ming Dynasty in a village named Cuandixia.

STOLEN Spring/Summer 2016 is a modern tribute to the unconventional beauty of Cuandixia, inspired by the designer’s personal journey to explore the remote village, steeped in cultural integrity and authenticity.

Clean lines and minimalist constructions capture the raw nature and historical essence of this living, breathing time capsule. Sleek Mao collars and operatic winged sleeves recall the majestic detailing of traditional Chinese garments. Straight silhouettes and elongated robes in dark emerald evoke a quiet, elegant regality.

Created from the spirit of Cuandixia's visual authenticity and cultural integrity, STOLEN Spring/Summer 2016 is an ode to the artefacts of history and identity, made only more beautiful and precious with the inevitable passing of time.