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Kami - the Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Delicate. Structured. Feminine. Kami.

The Stolen Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Kami, pays homage to the versatility of paper: its variable traits in malleable forms, and its embodiment of delicacy and strength, reflective of the feminine spirit. With paper serving as a constant source of inspiration for Stolen, Kami is the label’s tribute to the ever-changing structures of the organic material.

Kami includes garments with the signature backless feature Stolen is renowned for, with fabrics manipulated and details accentuated to emulate the look and feel of paper. Pushed-up sleeves mimic the structure of a gently crumpled piece of paper, parallel lines and pleating recall sharp folds in thin sheets, and even the layering and panelling of fabrics in various textures and thicknesses takes on the effect of thumbing through reams of different types of paper.

Strong yet vulnerable, sharp yet fragile, structured yet feminine - this is paper; this is Kami.