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Stolen ❤ NY


A Journey Inside the World of STOLEN

Singapore fashion label showcases its various guises with a new collection, launch of a secondary line, and a unique travelling art installation

Proving that fashion and art can indeed be one and the same, STOLEN is embarking on a momentous three-part journey in New York this season.

For the first time, New York-based fans and followers of STOLEN will be able to experience the full breadth of the brand’s design philosophy and artistic vision this September.

This season’s STOLEN journey begins with the label’s appearance at the Coterie TMRW show to unveil the latest Spring/Summer 2016 collection; then continues with the launch of a secondary line named WHITE by Stolen; and finally concludes with a unique artistic installation created by STOLEN’s multi-talented designer.



PART 1: "Ming", STOLEN Spring/Summer 2016

September 19-21 at Coterie TMRW



STOLEN Spring/Summer 2016, “Ming”, is a modern tribute to the raw beauty and historical authenticity of an ancient Chinese village and its preserved culture. “Ming” was inspired by the designer’s recent trip to Cuandixia – roughly 100km outside the Chinese capital city of Beijing, it is one of the last remaining villages from the historical Ming Dynasty, making it a living time capsule of culture and heritage.

The collection features the clean lines and modern minimalist aesthetic that STOLEN is known for, coupled with the elegant silhouettes reminiscent of Chinese traditional dress and the muted colour palette of dusty greys, earthy browns, and dark greens that encompass the ancient village.



PART 2: Introducing “WHITE by Stolen”

September 19-21 at Coterie TMRW


Stolen reinvents the concept of the classic white shirt with the launch of a new secondary line, WHITE by Stolen.

Bearing much of the same design ethos as the STOLEN main line – including the trademark exposed back detail – this unisex subline reimagines the cut and construction of a classic men’s white shirt in order to create a sophisticated, versatile, and thoroughly modern version.




PART 3: "Beings of a Garment" by STOLEN's Elyn Wong

September 23-27 at Madison Square Park


Acknowledged as one of the most exciting homegrown artists of her generation, STOLEN founder and designer Elyn Wong was selected as one of 20 creative talents to be featured in the Singapore: Inside Out global travelling art showcase, in celebration of the nation’s 50th anniversary of independence.

STOLEN’s “Beings of a Garment” art performance and installation explores the meaning of existence for a piece of clothing – is a garment only alive when worn, or does its soul remain even without its wearer?

Worn by dancers in a performance piece, STOLEN’s lightweight garments take on the individual expression of its wearer. In the accompanying stationary installation, the perception of garments as merely inanimate objects is challenged as the STOLEN garments on display appear as living, breathing things.


For more information about Singapore: Inside Out, visit www.singaporeinsideout.com.